Over the past few years, disruptions in the supply chains for new car production have led to an increase in used-car sales. Car owners have also rediscovered an enthusiasm for DIY car maintenance and care. These two trends have become driving forces in the car care product market: owners are eager to protect the vehicle against unintentional accidents, extend the durability and basic quality of the vehicle, and consequently boost its resale value. In a growing market where innovation and sustainability are key drivers, you can stand out from the crowd with the Flairosol® dispensing system: next-level cleanliness with a fine continuous mist spray or foam solutions that easily cover every surface and rechargeable/refillable bottles that are better for the planet.

Car care products that are better

for the environment and for human health

How can Flairosol for car care help you create products that entice the car owners of today? In simple terms, our Flairosol® dispensing system offers the two major elements that any successful car cleaning product needs:

A solution for every surface

Today’s consumers want cars that sparkle inside and out, without having to spend hours scrubbing and polishing. With the Flairosol® dispensing solution for car care, you can offer your consumers a range of easy-to-use and rapid-action products. A continuous fine mist spray effectively covers the desired surface with your product, while the Flairosol® foam variant is ideal for treating larger surfaces or stubborn spots: because foam adheres longer to surfaces, the product can do its work better.

Caring for your car, your health, and the planet

The market for car cleaning products is under increasing pressure to produce solutions that are better for human health and the environment. Our Flairosol® dispensing system is free from problematic propellant gases used in aerosols and pressurized containers, making it safer and healthier for your customers. And, unlike aerosols, the transparent bottle assures the user that all of the product has been used - and with a near 100% evacuation rate, consumers can expect this every single time, reducing waste and saving money.

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A comprehensive range of

car care possibilities

With which car cleaning products can your brand take advantage of the Flairosol® dispensing system? Here are just a few examples:

· Car upholstery cleaners

· Air fresheners

· Glass cleaners

· Tire shine spray

· Spray sealant

· Gloss enhancing spray

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