What does next-gen home care look like?

With the home care market developing quickly, today’s manufacturers need to keep up with current trends to make an impact on the consumer. By answering consumer demands and staying ahead of the curve, home care players can make the most of the growing market. So, what exactly is next-generation home care?

Home care

Here are three key qualities that the 21st-century home care consumer is looking for:

1. An eco-friendly option

For a large percentage of shoppers, sustainability is a major consideration behind their purchases. When consumers have so many options, eco-friendly options will likely stand out from the rest. Enter Flairosol for home care: unlike other liquid dispensing solutions, Flairosol works without any planet-harming propellants or pressurized gases. And that’s not all: it also offers more than 98% liquid evacuation, is almost fully recyclable, and uses a refill and recharge system to reduce waste. Altogether, Flairosol is an ideal sustainable solution for today’s conscious consumers.

2. Safer products, healthier homes

The places we call home are so much more than just where we live: they’re where we are safe and comfortable, where we are happy. This means that any home care product that is used in and around houses must be healthy for everybody inside. Without the harmful propellant gases mentioned above, Flairosol for home care won’t emit any gases that the user can accidentally inhale.

3. Premium, high-quality home care products

Consumers want the best for their houses. And, when so many home care-related jobs are repetitive, using high-quality and effective liquid dispensing solutions is a must. Flairosol for home care lets you upgrade the home care experience: with a powerful continuous mist spray, consumers can easily cover a large surface area or clean a hard-to-reach corner. And, with the option for luxurious and bespoke designs with a range of materials, your consumer can be proud to have your product on the shelf.

A solution for every surface

In the home care market, there are dozens of application options, each one with its own specific needs. Here are just some of the different application options that work with Flairosol:

  • Hard surface cleaning, including degreasers and limescale removers
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Fabric
  • Kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and floor cleaners
  • Glass and screen cleaners
  • PVC cleaning spray
  • Aroma sprays

Whatever liquid dispensing solution you create, we want Flairosol for home care to help. For example, if you create a product that needs to adhere to surfaces like a mold remover, we offer a rich foam spray option.

By answering consumer needs, we can provide next-gen home care for the modern consumer. Join the Flairosol for home care movement now!

Learn more about our home care solutions here: www.flairosol.com/applications/home-care