Flairosol entering the Personal Care market!


The Flairosol System is an innovative spray technology for liquid dispensing that enables consumers in the personal care market to combine a high sustainability performance with supreme personal indulgence. The first and only solution of its kind on today’s market, Flairosol Personal Care offers our patented ‘continuous-mist’ spray technology – providing users with a delightfully gentle, fine and even spray experience with no wetting – and is completely free of any harmful gases or propellants. In addition to that, it comes with a refill/recharge system that far outperforms traditional aerosol-based and bag-on-valve solutions both economically and ecologically: it enables consumers to reuse the dispense head multiple times with a new recharge bottle, saving money and reducing environmental impact.

The Flairosol Personal Care is designed by internationally renowned Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser.

Robert Bronwasser

Robert Bronwasser

Its small size makes it suitable for travel, including air travel, and the fact that it is not pressurized means it can be left out in the sun without risk of explosion – for instance, when used for sun care products.

Flairosol Personal Care is dedicated to personal care and beauty applications. Its combination of size, planet-friendly spray technology, unique aesthetics, and actuation lock, makes it the perfect solution for today’s demanding, environment- and beauty-conscious consumers and their on-the-go lifestyles.