Flairosol for personal care

The personal care solutions of today and tomorrow face many demands. From clean, attractive packaging to on-the-go convenience. From a high sustainability performance – for example, in terms of avoidance of pressurized gasses, material usage and reusability – to high safety and compliance standards. Above all, today’s consumers want a premium personal care experience that combines enjoyment and luxury with great outcomes for their overall well-being.

With Flairosol® for personal care, you have a solution that ticks all the boxes. Not only will our Flairosol® dispensing systems help you satisfy your consumers, it will also take your business to a higher level, providing you with a customizable, refillable turnkey personal care system that will generate new business, boost customer loyalty and equip you for tomorrow’s needs. We call it ‘next-gen indulgence’.

Flairosol in personal care

Discover Flairosol’s benefits in different personal care niches and give your consumers the premium, sustainable solutions they desire.

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- Hair care
- Skin care
- Facial sprays
- Sun protection
- Deodorants

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for your brand

Replace aerosols for a cleaner planet

by replacing technologies that rely on environmentally harmful gases with an alternative on the market that is user-friendlier, healthier and more sustainable

Strengthen your brand

Offer your market a unique packaging and dispensing system

Increasing consumer loyalty

Increase consumer loyalty and repeat business (while reducing waste) with our reusable dispensers and refillable bottles

Upgrade your business model

Upgrade your business model by building on our full-service, turnkey approach: Flairosol offers you a solution that includes our unique dispense head and recharge bottle system, while, with our strong partner network, we can also support your filling operations.

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for your consumers

Whether they are using hair or skin care products, facial sprays, sun protection or deodorant, here’s what makes consumers keep coming back for more with Flairosol® for personal care:

Safe & Planet friendly

The total absence of pressurized gases, resulting in a clean, safe, planet-friendly solution

Gentle spray experience

A delightfully gentle, fine and even continuous spray experience, thanks to our patented ‘continuous mist spray technology

Reduce costs and waste

Reusable dispensers and recharge bottles to help reduce cost and waste

Size variety

A variety of convenient sizes for all purposes

On-the-go use

Unique Safety-Lock for easy, spill-free on-the-go use

Pure product usage

Pure product dispensing, no mixtures with gasses to enable dispensing

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The desire to inspire

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Our Flairosol® dispensing systems innovative combination of sustainability and premiumness is making a difference to growing numbers of conscious consumers across a variety of markets. It is helping brands in these markets to stand out from the crowd and reach new audiences with a fresh offer. Learn more about Flairosol’s impact in several different application areas.