Flairosol for home care

On the rapidly growing global market for home products, solutions offering cleanliness and comfort in combination with the promise of a better eco footprint are booming. With Flairosol® for home care applications, you can help your consumers create the perfect home experience, while also looking after the planet by replacing aerosols.

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Everyone wants to maintain a clean and happy home. With Flairosol for home care and Flairosol home foam, you can make the job easier, more fun and more sustainable.

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the home experience

Dispensing solutions are increasingly a part of the home experience, whether for bathroom liquids, solvents, indoor cleaning products, or other solutions. Flairosol® for home care is a user-friendly, high-performing, premium liquid dispensing solution that is as good for people and their living environment as it is for the planet. With Flairosol® for home care applications, your brand can tap into trends and usher your consumers into a next-gen experience by replacing aerosols and other pressurized containers.

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Benefits for

your brand

Innovate in a sustainable way by replacing aerosols, moving away from harmful gas propellants, thanks to our eco-friendly Flairosol® dispensing system

Create premium homecare solutions with our patented ‘continuous mist spray technology’

Use the Flairosol® foam variant for treating larger surfaces, such as in car care, or for degreasing: because foam adheres longer to surfaces, the product can do its work better

Encourage customer loyalty while supporting sustainability with the recharge option of our Flairosol® dispensing system

Meet the growing trend of eco-friendly products

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Benefits for

home owners

From the first-time home owner to a cleaning connoisseur,
a spotless house is just a reach away with our Flairosol® dispensing system

Replacing aerosols, free of any propellants, Flairosol® creates a continuous spray, covering large surfaces with ease

A premium next gen spray, Flairosol® not only can create fine continuous mist, but also rich foam for those home care applications where the formula is required to adhere to surfaces.

No hazardous propellant gases are used in our Flairosol® dispensing system, meaning safer for the consumer, their house, and the environment

More than 98% liquid evacuation, less than 2% residue

Reusing dispensers and recharging/refilling bottles help reduce cost and waste

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The desire to inspire

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Our Flairosol® dispensing systems innovative combination of sustainability and premiumness is making a difference to growing numbers of conscious consumers across a variety of markets. It is helping brands in these markets to stand out from the crowd and reach new audiences with a fresh offer. Learn more about our Flairosol® dispensing systems impact in several different application areas.