Flairosol for food

While cooking a daily meal will always remain a functional necessity, for more and more 21st-century kitchen maestros, it is also a favorite form of self-expression and relaxation.

That means today’s kitchen tools must not only be effective, but also safe, healthy and good for the planet.

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Flairosol in modern kitchens

Meet modern kitchen needs across a broad range of culinary applications, and help your consumers make delicious dishes.

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The 21st-century kitchen is a place where multiple needs and wants come together. Whether your consumers are home cooks or Michelin-starred chefs, when it comes to kitchen tools – such as a liquid dispensing solution for cooking, dressing, seasoning or baking – they want it all. Important attributes like high performance and quality consistency remain essential, with new demands calling for attention: right at the top of the list are health-friendliness, sustainability and reusability.

With Flairosol® Food, you fulfil your consumers’ every wish. Flairosol® Food is a liquid dispensing solution that does not just look and feel great, while helping to create amazing dishes. It also takes users safely away from problematic propellant gases and harmful single-use packaging. By combining efficiency, premium quality and sustainability, Flairosol® Food ensures an exciting, 21st century kitchen experience.


for your brand

High Quality without aerosols

Offer high-quality innovative dispensing solutions replacing aerosols for both, home and professional usage

Planet friendly

Offer a solution that takes your brand away from harmful propellants and into the new era of planet-friendlier solutions

Waste reduction

Reduce waste and cost, while promoting customer loyalty with the recharge option of our Flairosol® dispensing system – with which your consumers can replace an empty bottle (glass or PET) with a new one, and continue to use our Flairosol® dispensing system

Design options

Design exciting products to catch your consumers’ eyes, with custom designs and colors available on request

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in the kitchen

From the baker to the restaurateur and back to the first-time kitchen hero, every user immediately recognizes the benefits of our Flairosol® dispensing system

Dosed amount of liquid

Helping consumers to apply the perfect doses to their dishes and perfectly clean, with a drip channel to prevent sticky messes


Free from harmful propellant gases and problematic high-pressurized packaging – and therefore perfect for health-, safety- and planet-conscious kitchen pros

Meets FDA criteria

The materials that come into contact with liquids meet the criteria in 21 CFR 177.1520 for food contact applications of the FDA (the United States’ Food and Drug Administration)

Integrated filter system

Fitted with a special integrated filter system, that ensures the smooth dispensing of thicker and viscous liquids, such as olive oil

Reduction of environmental footprint

Rechargeable and reusable, saving consumers money and reducing their environmental footprint

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Our Flairosol® dispensing systems innovative combination of sustainability and premiumness is making a difference to growing numbers of conscious consumers across a variety of markets. It is helping brands in these markets to stand out from the crowd and reach new audiences with a fresh offer. Learn more about our Flairosol® dispensing systems impact in several different application areas.