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Many of today’s pet owners and garden lovers have one thing in common: they want to offer the very best care they can, using products and solutions that are reliable, healthy and sustainable. Flairosol® for garden & animal care brings all of those needs together in a single solution.

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Discover Flairosol

in garden & animal applications

Discover Flairosol’s benefits in different garden & animal care niches and give your consumers the premium, sustainable solutions they desire.

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Convenience, quality, sustainability

Gardening, plant care and pet ownership are rewarding pastimes. And they all require hard work – from the continual effort required to keep a garden at its very best from season to season to the time and labor that go into giving plants and fellow creatures the protection and care they deserve.

In all of this, today’s consumers want easy-to-use products that keep the process as simple and satisfying – for themselves and for their garden, plants or beloved animal friend – as it should be. In addition to that, many of them look for a combination of premium quality with sustainable features. They want to be assured that while giving their garden, plants or animals the best of the best, they are also doing their part to look after the wider world.

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A delight

for animal & garden lovers

When it comes to liquid dispensing solutions, Flairosol® Garden & Animal is an ideal solution for creating and maintaining that picturesque garden sanctuary, where families, kids and beloved animals can play and enjoy quality time together. Whether your consumers are applying their favorite pet/equine grooming solution or an eco-friendly outdoor cleaning product, Flairosol® for garden & animal care will delight them with a continuous and even, mist-like spray, perfect for the job at hand.

Its sustainability profile will only add to their satisfaction: our Flairosol® dispensing system can be recharged or refilled and the entire application is free of the harmful propellant gases used in pressurized aerosol-based solutions.

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Next-gen solution

for animal and garden lovers

Flairosol® replaces aerosols, being free of propellant gases it is the right choice for animal and plant care

With our Flairosol® ‘continuous mist spray technology’, your consumer can lightly feed those delicate orchids, or easily bring back the shine to an animal’s coat

Rechargeable, refillable and reusable, this solution means eco-friendly consumers can care for the planet while looking after their pet, plants or garden

Our Flairosol® dispensing system offers near 100% liquid evacuation

Available on request: the Flairosol® foam variant suitable for garden & animal care, a solution that yields a rich and consistent foam

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Benefits for your brand

Provide your consumer with aerosol-free premium dispensing solutions, ideal for animal and plant care

Meet the needs of eco-friendly consumers by offering a sustainable solution that is free from harmful gases

Promote customer loyalty while reducing waste by using a recharge, refill, and reuse system, which enables users to replace or refill empty bottles while reusing our Flairosol® dispensing system

Stand out on the market with upcycled packaging and custom-made designs and colors, available on request

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The desire to inspire

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Our Flairosol® dispensing systems innovative combination of sustainability and premiumness is making a difference to growing numbers of conscious consumers across a variety of markets. It is helping brands in these markets to stand out from the crowd and reach new audiences with a fresh offer. Learn more about our Flairosol® dispensing systems impact in several different application areas.