Taking hair care to the next level

with Flairosol for personal care

In the flourishing hair care market, four things matter: quality, health, sustainability, and convenience. With new styles coming thick and fast, and new technologies developing each year, consumers are always looking for the next must-have hair care product. With Flairosol for personal care, you can stand out from the crowd – and in a 100-billion-dollar industry expected to grow steadily in the years ahead, that could make or break your business.

Making high-quality, healthy, sustainable,

and convenient hair care products

How can Flairosol for personal care help you create products that entice the hair care consumers of today? In simple terms, our Flairosol® dispensing system offers the four major elements that any successful hair care product needs:

Salon quality and eye-catching designs

Today’s consumers want the salon experience in the comfort of their own homes. With Flairosol for personal care, your consumers can create continuous fine mist sprays that easily cover their hair with your product. And, with our personalization options, we can help you design, decorate, and color a bespoke canister that suits your target market, from rugged and cool to elegant and luxurious.

Healthier hair, happier consumers

For many of us, our hair is an essential part of our look and of how we go into the day. In fact, recent surveys show that consumers are taking better care of their hair than ever before. So, whether we are perfecting our style for the day or giving our self-care routine a boost, hair matters and so do healthy hair care products. Our Flairosol® dispensing system is free from problematic propellant gases used in aerosols and pressurized containers , making it safer and healthier for your customers.

Caring for hair while caring for the planet

Over the last decade, sustainability has become an important factor in shopping. More and more of today’s consumers want to use products that are eco-friendly as well as contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Free from harmful pressurized gases, Flairosol for personal care provides a clear answer to this need.

Blend control and comfort with convenient, travel-friendly hair care

One of the feelings today’s consumers are looking for is that of ‘being in control’. In such an unpredictable world, convenient and simple hair care solutions offer some stability, letting consumers keep up with their routines wherever they are. And, with smaller-sized Flairosol for personal care options, you can create on-the-go hair care products, with travel-size solutions perfect for carry-on luggage, as well as an integrated safety lock to prevent any accidents.

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Tried and tested by professional stylists

One of the clearest tests of a consumer product’s value is whether it is used by professionals. In the case of a hair care product, the key question is: can it stand up to intensive day-to-day practice in the salon, giving hairdressers all they need to work their magic?

For the Flairosol® dispensing system, the answer is yes. Since it first emerged on the market, professional hairstylists have been using the Flairosol® dispensing system, from its earliest iterations to our current model today. With its fine continuous mist spray, Flairosol for personal care lets hairdressers dampen their customers’ hair quickly and easily, before starting the styling process. For other applications, too, professionals can use Flairosol for personal care for post-cut treatments like leave-in conditioners and volumizers. And thanks to the refill and recharge system, it’s a simple and eco-friendly money saver for any busy salon. With this professional stamp of approval, what hair care consumer could say no?

A comprehensive range

of hair care possibilities

With which hair care products can your brand take advantage of the Flairosol® dispensing system? Here are just a few examples:

· Hair spray: from frizz reducers to shine enhancers
· Heat protection sprays
· Volumizers
· Leave-in conditioners
· Sea salt sprays

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