Premium and sustainable facial sprays

with Flairosol for personal care

Mixing the refreshing feeling of a spray with the beauty-boosting benefits of a skincare product, facial sprays are quickly becoming one of the most popular personal care items around. The market’s steady growth confirms this, with experts forecasting that it will reach close to 6 billion USD by 2025. With Flairosol for personal care, you can meet this market with facial sprays that embody luxury, quality, convenience, and sustainability – perfect for today’s consumers.

A market that demands

luxury, quality, and sustainability

With facial sprays on the rise, how can you entice today’s consumers? Here are a few ways that Flairosol for personal care helps your product stand out on the market.

A gentle and pure continuous mist spray

Thanks to patented technology, the Flairosol dispensing system® uses smooth actuation that easily produces a soft continuous mist spray without wetting, while being free from propellants. This means that only pure product reaches the skin, lightly caressing the face for a satisfying feeling, perfect for water-based products like hydrating sprays – giving consumers a luxury salon experience in the palm of their hands.

Taking facial sprays on-the-go

For today’s consumers, convenience is essential. By offering on-the-go options in travel-safe sizes, your customers can enjoy a refreshing spray wherever they go. It’s ideal for a handbag, backpack, or even as carry-on for a flight, letting your consumers refresh and rehydrate on the move.

Better for the planet, better for the consumer

With environmental issues becoming more significant than ever before, it is only natural that today’s consumers want facial sprays that are eco-friendly. But, with the pressurized bottles and aerosols of the past using harmful and hazardous gases, the market is crying out for an alternative. Free from all propellant gases, Flairosol for personal care emerges as an ideal green solution, which is healthier for consumers too. It reduces waste too, as, unlike with aerosols, Flairosol® assures the user that all of the product has been used - and with a near 100% evacuation rate, consumers can expect this every single time. And, with a recharge and refill system and the recyclable bottles, the Flairosol® dispensing system encourages sustainability in other ways.

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Facial sprays

with Flairosol®

With the Flairosol® dispensing system, the options for facial sprays are nearly endless? Here are just some of the product types you can create:

·Hydrating mists
· Cleansing sprays
· Cooling sprays
· Moisturizing sprays

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