Next-gen disinfectant sprays

with Flairosol for home care

Rising consumer awareness towards the benefits of sanitization has drastically driven sales of disinfectant sprays over the past few years. And, thanks to the growing demand for a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, this market is only going to keep growing. But consumers don’t just want sprays that kill harmful microorganisms - they are also looking for eco-friendly products with no adverse effects. If you want to meet this market, offer consumers disinfectant sprays that protect their health in more ways than one with Flairosol for home care.

Healthy, sustainable,

and convenient disinfectant sprays

How can Flairosol for home care help you create products that entice the homemakers of today? In simple terms, our Flairosol® dispensing system offers the three major elements that consumers are looking for:

Healthier homes, happier consumers

Part of making a home feel safe is making sure surfaces are properly sanitized to prevent harmful microorganisms from spreading. With a fine continuous mist spray, our Flairosol® dispensing system ensures even surface coverage, even in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. But consumers also want to be sure that the products they are using to remove the viruses and bacteria don’t have detrimental side effects on their family’s health. Our Flairosol® dispensing system is free from problematic propellant gases used in aerosols and pressurized containers, making it safer and healthier for your consumers.

Caring for your home while caring for the planet

Over the last decade, sustainability has become an important factor in shopping. More and more of today’s consumers want to use products that are eco-friendly as well as contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Free from harmful pressurized gases, Flairosol® for home care provides a clear answer to this need. And, unlike aerosols, Flairosol® assures the user that all of the product has been used - and with a near 100% evacuation rate, consumers can expect this every single time, reducing waste and saving money. As well as being a green alternative to the pressurized bottles and aerosols of the past, our Flairosol® dispensing system promotes sustainability through refillable/rechargeable bottles made from recyclable materials.

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