Easy-to-use pet smell remover

with Flairosol for garden & animal

Today’s pet owners love one thing: their pets. But there is one aspect of animal care that remains a challenge: odor. That’s why many consumers are looking for smell removal solutions to keep their houses smelling fresh. And, with pet ownership growing, the pet odor control market is growing, estimated at almost 7 billion in 2018. To meet these animal lovers, manufacturers need to offer convenient, efficient, and sustainable solutions. With Flairosol for garden & animal, you can produce exactly that.

Quick, easy, and sustainable smell remover

for pet lovers everywhere

An essential product in pet owners’ homes, smell removers help to keep things fresh, clean, and pleasant. For pet owners, three things a vital in an odor removal solution: it needs to work, it needs to be good for their pet, and it needs to be good for the planet. With Flairosol for garden & animal, you can meet all three:

Refreshing every inch of a pet owners’ homes

For pet owners, sometimes it can feel like it is impossible to completely remove their odor – there always seems to be small spaces where it lasts, no matter what you do. With the Flairosol® dispensing system’s patented ‘continuous mist spray technology’, your consumer can easily create a spray that reaches all the hard-to-reach places in a consumers’ home. It’s simple and satisfying to use, making an odor-free house a spray away. And, unlike aerosols, Flairosol® assures the user that all of the product has been used - and with a near 100% evacuation rate, consumers can expect this every single time.

A healthy solution that’s safe for pets

If a product is being used in a home around well-loved pets, you need to make sure you can offer safe and healthy products. Flairosol for garden & animal is free from the pressurized gases and propellants of aerosols, making it harmless and healthy for homes and pets. And, in smaller travel-size varieties, you can stay odor-free on the move too.

Better for people, their pets, and the planet

As well as being healthier for consumers’ households, Flairosol for garden & animal is a green aerosol alternative that is better for the environment. It is free from planet-harming propellant gases, offers a reuse and refill feature, and is almost fully recyclable. For today’s environmentally-minded consumers, this can make your product stand out on the market, showing it is perfect for those that love their pets and the planet.

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