Perfect plant care and shine sprays

with Flairosol for garden & animal

In a world of constant action, caring for plants is a therapeutic pastime enjoyed by millions. That’s why the garden care market is steadily growing. For the hard but rewarding work of plant care, today’s consumers are looking for shine sprays with three key elements: convenience, quality, and sustainability. With Flairosol for garden & animal, you can offer plant care and shine sprays to help consumers look after their plants and gardens.

Premium plant care products

for the demanding consumer

Today, more and more people are beginning to appreciate the calm, peaceful presence of plants, and are starting to take more pleasure in them. With Flairosol for garden & animal, you can meet the three needs mentioned above: convenience, quality, and sustainability.

A useful spray for any plant

No matter how big or small the plant or garden, you can help consumers reach them. With the Flairosol® dispensing system’s patented ‘continuous mist spray technology’, you consumer can lightly spray their favorite roses with a shine product or evenly cover a large houseplant with a plant care product. And, unlike aerosols, Flairosol® assures the user that all of the product has been used - and with a near 100% evacuation rate, consumers can expect this every single time.

Premium products for premium plants

With such a broad range of plants and innumerable ways to care for them, today’s consumers have specific wants and needs. But, by using Flairosol for garden & animal, you can meet them all. With a range of design options available, you can ensure that you catch your consumers’ eyes.

Caring for plants while caring for the planet

For the plant care industry, it makes sense to care for the planet. For many consumers today, the environmental impact of any product is a key factor in any purchasing decision. The Flairosol® dispensing system is free from the harmful and unhealthy propellant gasses used in aerosols and pressurized sprays. Through this, you can help to keep gardens, plants, and the planet safer and healthier. Plus, with a refill and recharge option, you can create new ways of meeting your consumers while reducing waste too.

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