First-class horse sprays

with Flairosol for garden & animal

Looking after horses is challenging: to properly care for a horse, whether it is for competitions or just a household chore, requires a lot of time and work. That’s why consumers are looking for high-quality equine sprays that are safe, healthy, and sustainable. With Flairosol for garden & animal, you can provide these sprays for the growing market, ensuring happy horses and owners.

Meeting consumer needs

with premium equine care sprays

From fly repellents to shine products, equine sprays need to offer two key qualities: effective actuation, and health, safety, and sustainability. By adopting Flairosol for garden & animal, you can offer both to your horse care consumers.

Quality horse care with an effective and potent spray

Horses are large animals, and adequately covering their coat can be tough. This means an ideal equine spray needs to offer simple but efficient actuation with a strong spray pattern. By using Flairosol® for garden & animal, your consumer can easily cover their horse’s coat. With easy-to-use ‘continuous mist spray technology’, consumers can produce a large and unbroken spray to cover a large surface area. Flairosol® for garden and animal offers near 100% liquid dispensing, with foam variant options available, too. And, unlike aerosols, Flairosol® assures the user that all of the product has been used, reducing waste and saving money. Through this high-quality system, you can meet the demand for effective premium horse care solutions.

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Safer, healthier,

and more sustainable equine sprays

Most animal lovers, including horse owners, want to keep both animals and the planet safe and healthy. That’s why sustainability has become such a vital issue for consumers. As Flairosol for garden & animal is free from the harmful propellant gases used in older aerosol and pressurized bottle solutions, it is better for the planet, safer to use, and healthier for consumers’ and their horses. By offering this, you can stand out and offer a truly green alternative.

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Offer full range

of horse care sprays

Which horse sprays can your brand take advantage of the Flairosol® dispensing system? Here are just a few examples:

· Fly repellent spray
· Coat care spray
· Anti-bite sprays
· Shine and gloss spray
· Cleaning spray
· Moisturizing and conditioning spray

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